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"That's debatable!" The English Debating Club at VHS Essen

The English tradition of debating trains one's power of persuasion for situations in professional and private life: arguing one's point, winning acceptance, using body language as well as generating enthusiasm and preparing decisions. The topics of our debates will be humorous and the different positions on those topics, pro or con, will be allocated at random. Every participant will receive individual feedback regarding presentation and arguments and we will discuss how the methods and strategies trained can be used in everyday life. And we’ll have tons of fun in the process! The course is suitable for participants at level B2 and above.

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Mittwoch, 30.10.2019 bis Mittwoch, 05.02.2020,
von 18:40 bis 21:00 Uhr

12 Termine

129,00 EUR

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[-] Kursraum:
  • VHS, Raum EE.01

Fragen zur Anmeldung:
Monika Binder

Inhaltliche Beratung:
Stephan Rinke

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